Migrant Youth Leaders Project

A new opportunity for migrant youth leaders in Tak province!


Do you care about migrant rights? Are you interested in learning more how to lead and advocate? Then apply to become one of the 30 migrant youth leaders in CSO Development for the Promotion and Advancement of Migrant Rights project. These 30 youth leaders will have the chance to attend 3 capacity building workshops in 2020 with further opportunities to follow.

COVID-19 Home-Based Learning

In response to the pandemic, TeacherFOCUS, education partners and Migrant Learning Centers have needed to reimagine education. As a result, MLCs are focusing on home-based continuous education for migrant children, social emotional support for students and safe school preparations for when the Thai Ministry of Education allows MLCs to reopen. 

Out-of-School TaskFORCE

TaskFORCE is a team which provides support for out-of-school children to enroll in Thai or Migrant Schools. Starting in 2020, the TaskFORCE team has visited communities where parents want to send their children to Thai School. These field visits allow the team to meet with parents whose children have dropped out from school due to difficult circumstances. Since the process and Thai language are both barriers, the TaskFORCE team explains to students and parents when and how to enroll in Thai schools.

Teacher Capacity Building

Teacher capacity building aims to improve migrant education for both teachers and students, with the ultimate goal of official recognition by the Myanmar MOE. Teachers hone their practice, reflecting on their strengths and areas of improvement using TeacherFOCUS's observation tool, based on Myanmar's Teacher Competency Standards Framework. 

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