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Learning by Experimenting

Science is a practical subject and students learn better the more they are involved in the lesson. One of the best ways students learn science is by doing the experiments themselves.

Practical Assessment

As a teacher, it is important to assess student understanding for the new information that has just been taught. It is also essential that the assessment is practical and effective. In this video Khant Zin Win is teaching an English lesson about shapes. Please watch how he assess his students.

Application Questions

When teaching the Myanmar Language subject, there are challenges having students apply the content to their daily lives. In this video, you will see Kay Thi Mon teaching the “Pin War Yon” poem and use application questions to enable students to apply content from the poem to their daily life.

Big Picture

Before going on a road trip a driver needs to look at a map to know exactly where they will be going. Learning works the same way - students need to know what they will be learning during the lesson. At the beginning of the class every teacher should let students see the big picture of the lesson.

Students Creating Learning Resources

As we've seen in other videos, using teaching and learning resources can help students see and apply what they are learning. What is even more effective is having students make their own learning resources. This increases their engagement and gives them an opportunity to be creative.

Using Similes

Describing concepts in science can be challenging with limited resources. In this situation a simile can be used to compare a new idea to something students already know or can visualize. By comparing what is known to something unknown, students familiarize themselves with new information.

Questioning Levels
Experiential Learning
Active Reading
Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic
Teacher as Facilitator
Formative Assessment
Using ICT in the Classroom
Similar Ability Grouping
Lesson Hooks
Normalizing Error
Educational Ricks
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