Teaching is an incredibly demanding profession. This is especially true for new teachers and teachers working in development contexts. With so much new curriculum to familiarize with, students to get to know, teaching and learning resources to prepare and additional duties to complete, there is hardly enough time in a day for reflection and professional development. 

In response, over the past 2 years, TeacherFOCUS has developed the LEARN-CHOOSE-USE (LCU) approach to teacher professional development. LCU is designed to efficiently introduce teachers to a wealth of teaching strategies, techniques, and routines and empower them to choose the ones that are right for them and their classrooms. Over the next 2 months, we will be sharing the menus we've been working on. Thanks to all our migrant teachers for their insights and feedback!

Some of the LCU menus have been derived from resources originally developed with Mote Oo Education.

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Learn-Choose-Use Overview

Learning From Mistakes

Contextualizing Teaching and Learning

List of Class Routines

Practical Questioning and Assessment

Strategies for Managing Behaviors

Strategies to Motivate Students

Active Learning

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