Migrant Youth Leaders Project

TeacherFOCUS will select and work with 30 youth in 2020. Capacity building training for youths on leadership and Advocacy skills for 30 migrant youth will be held during October, November, and December 2020 to improve communication skills, leadership and advocacy abilities about labor rights, policy and laws. 



● Participate in the successful completion of three leadership and advocacy training workshops.
● Must be interested and enthusiastic.
● Must be between ages 18-30
● Have previous experience working with the migrant population on the border
● Demonstrated leadership and ability to problem solve and work in teams


How To Apply

Complete the application form by clicking here.


Qualified candidates will be contacted for a brief interview and 30 migrant youth leaders will be selected to join the Advocacy Empowerment Workshops.

Further Opportunities

After the Advocacy Empowerment Workshop Series finishes in December 2020, 8 youth will be chosen from the 30 youths as advocacy champions for migrant rights. Throughout 2021-2022, youth champions will complete 9-month programs. For the first term (3 months), workshops will focus on a multi-sectoral view of migrant rights. After this, champions will focus on building their skills during the second term (3 months). Advocacy capacity building will focus on 6 different topics, including action research, media management, public speaking, event planning, proposal writing and developing advocacy strategies. In term 3, champions will use their learning to implement an individual advocacy project. They will also have the opportunity to make an advocacy toolkit. This program will not only equip champions with the skills they need to be migrant rights activists, but these skills are highly transferable in any future field champions may choose to work in.


If you have questions about the program, please contact:

Naw Nay Yu Paw
Project Coordinator (TeacherFOCUS)
Click here for the Burmese program overview 

Click here for the English program brochure

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