Our Goal

Develop a flexible pathway for the recognition of marginalized 

teachers from Myanmar.

A child’s success in school is shaped by many factors, but the largest influence on students’ learning outcomes is the quality and expertise of the teacher (Hattie, 2009; Westbrook et al., 2014). All high performing education systems invest in and certify their teachers because educators play a critical role in improving student performance (OECD, 2011).

 In order for quality, inclusive and equitable educational opportunities (as outlined in UNESCO’s SDG4) to be provided to all migrant children living on Thailand’s border with Myanmar, TeacherFOCUS Myanmar looks to close the accreditation gap through contextual capacity building and data-driven advocacy for integration into Myanmar. Educators will have access to an on-demand, relevant and locally-developed digital library of competency- based training videos in conjunction with tailored capacity building and assessment - all aligned to the Myanmar national Teacher Competency Standards Framework (TCSF). 

The TeacherFOCUS Approach 

 Within the migrant teacher workforce there are exemplar teachers who have locally-developed strategies and best practices that, if shared, would not only demonstrate teacher quality, but also support teachers in need. 


In order for teachers to authentically learn and put theory into practice, a staged approach is utilized that begins by developing teachers’ skills through workshops showcasing contextually relevant videos aligned with the drafted Myanmar National Teacher Competency Standards Framework. Once teachers are familiar with the standards expected of educators in Myanmar, a pre-assessment classroom observation is conducted to identify teacher’s strengths and areas in need of support. The classroom observation is video-recorded to allow for in-depth and individualized analysis and feedback. 


Best practices aligned to national standards viewed during the observations are made into exemplar training videos and shared with other teachers via an open-access visual library, social media and bluetooth sharing. This open-access digital library of resources is the keystone for sustainable teacher professional development. Group workshops demonstrating best practices in education create a forum for teachers to imitate and adapt the model methods they’ve observed via the competency-based videos. Teachers learn from exemplary peers. Trainings are aligned with the policies and goals of the curriculum being taught. Through this process teachers become competent in concrete skills - all aligned to recognized standards 


Finally, teachers undergo a post-assessment. Data on teacher competency is collected and analyzed. Data is utilized for identifying future areas fro support and evidence-based advocacy for a flexible pathway to be made for future teacher accreditation. 

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